Where is Mike Imber’s Facebook?” If you look for Mike Imber, also known as “Icey” Facebook page, you will only find two pages under the name which are obviously not real or maybe there is another or two people named Mike Imber. One page has a profile picture of some guy covered in mud up to his nose. Looks like he’s in some kind of music festival like Lollapolloza or the likes. The other Facebook page with the name “Mike Imber” attached to it has a profile picture of little flowers, obviously this is not Mike Imber Facebook, either.

Everyone has a Facebook? Why not the manager of my favorite street fighting, ass kicking, now professional boxer athlete? It’s truly a magnificent bummer. Maybe he deactivated his account since he’s so busy with Kimbo Slice and training and all that great stuff. Kimbo Slice’s next fight is on February 11, 2012, so you know Mike Imber and Kimbo Slice are cranking things up a notch leaving no time for a Mike Imber Facebook.