Mike Imber also, known as “Icey” and Kimbo Slice’s manager/promoter & friend talked about Kimbo Slice’s career and where he sees his friend in 2 years. Obviously, he spoke very highly of his client, but you can tell he’s quite genuine in his comments and really is looking after Kimbo Slice‘s best interests. He mentioned that he sees Slice becoming a better, professional boxer in the course of two years. He hopes that with extensive training he’ll eventually land a “big fat with a big name.” Icey Mike Imber is not naive as he mentioned that it is something that takes a lot of focus and determination but believes that it is in reach.

Kimbo Slice’s manager also, believes that we might be seeing much more of Kimbo Slice in Hollywood as he has already made a few appearances on films and television. His latest and biggest movie role is in The Scorpion King: Battle for Redemption which, will be released on January 17, 2012 on DVD. Mike Imber says he’s teamed up with Kevin Connelly (Actor & Director, best known for his series “Entourage” on HBO) and have been talking and developing Kimbo Slice’s life story and hope to make it a theatrical release! That would be so very awesome. Kimbo Slice is like the Bruce Lee in Street Fighting and there’s so many fragments of his life that really should be told in a nicely scripted biopic. We sure hope that Icey Mike Imber makes this a reality, fans would be truly “bursting with fruit flavor!

For those of you who thought Kimbo Slice was going to loose to the younger, better trained- Brian Green, well, he sure showed you guys! And for all of you her were Team Kimbo all the way- “you know what’s up…” True Brian Green may be younger and may have more training than Slice but the fact of the matter is that training cannot defeat natural born talent which is what Kimbo Slice has. Mike Imber, his best friend, manager and promoter detected this from early on and hooked him up with training to get some technique, but he raw talent was already there and just had to be refined.

Kimbo Slice sure trained like a mad man before entering the ring with Brian Green, he knew he was not going to be a piece of cake opponent. But as he centered himself, became focused and determined when he entered that ring on his the heavy weight, boxing match he was more than determined to win. He had another agenda, which was promoting Autism Awareness through his success and he did it.

Mike Imber and Kimbo Slice donated to the Autism Society the boxing gloves he wore when he defeated Brian Green. They both also, donated an undisclosed sum of money for the cause. Kimbo Slice’s youngest son was diagnosed with this disorder that affects thousands of children every year which pushes him even more to go above and beyond to be successful and be able to give back to causes and charities that he cares for.