The duo/sidekicks/dream team are in Miami. Mike Imber the manager of street fighter, now professional, heavy weight boxer: Kimbo Slice has found a top notch trainer for the fighter “Slice” in Miami, so the duo hasn’t strayed much from home where all the magic began with his first back yard-street fights which made him a house hold name through his popular YouTube videos.

I suppose, training in Miami is the best for Kimbo Slice and Mike Imber realizes this and has made all proper accommodations so that Kimbo Slice can train in Miami and he can stay as well, as he is his manager, friend and part of “Team Kimbo,” Slice’s support network. Kimbo is being trained by John David Jackson, one of the most respected trainers in the entire country. This man has been and seen every side in boxing and is now training Kimbo Slice here in Miami to do some major damage in his upcoming fight on February 11, 2012.