Kimbo Slice has done it yet again as he won his 5th heavy weight, professional boxing match on the first round. On his latest victory he fought against Jesse Porter in Concho, Oklahoma at the Lucky Star Casino. If you follow Kimbo Slice well, you’d know that the man behind the beast with an iron fist is “Icey” Mike Imber his devout best friend, confidant, manager and promoter. Mike Imber has been able to architect and channel Kimbo Slice’s ass kicking talent with such precision that the once well known “street fight brawler” is now a professional, heavy weight boxer with five consecutive wins under his belt.

Kimbo Slice Wins 5th Heavy Weight Professional Boxing Match On First Round and he has a couple of people and things to thank. I think it’s safe to assume that if he didn’t have that God given talent of just being a force to be reckoned with- a killer wrath of sort, not much else would matter… So, he can thank his ass kicking gift. Next would be his good friend and manager, Mike Imber that has managed his career like his little baby, bringing them both much success. And last but not least his entourage- Team Kimbo which also includes all his fans and people that have been following his career since the early days when his viral videos of back yard fights hit YouTube like a storm!

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