Kimbo Slice has done it yet again as he won his 5th heavy weight, professional boxing match on the first round. On his latest victory he fought against Jesse Porter in Concho, Oklahoma at the Lucky Star Casino. If you follow Kimbo Slice well, you’d know that the man behind the beast with an iron fist is “Icey” Mike Imber his devout best friend, confidant, manager and promoter. Mike Imber has been able to architect and channel Kimbo Slice’s ass kicking talent with such precision that the once well known “street fight brawler” is now a professional, heavy weight boxer with five consecutive wins under his belt.

Kimbo Slice Wins 5th Heavy Weight Professional Boxing Match On First Round and he has a couple of people and things to thank. I think it’s safe to assume that if he didn’t have that God given talent of just being a force to be reckoned with- a killer wrath of sort, not much else would matter… So, he can thank his ass kicking gift. Next would be his good friend and manager, Mike Imber that has managed his career like his little baby, bringing them both much success. And last but not least his entourage- Team Kimbo which also includes all his fans and people that have been following his career since the early days when his viral videos of back yard fights hit YouTube like a storm!

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Apparently, Icey has been around on Slice’s side from the very take off, going to the past as to his number #1 scrap and through his period as an unknown back yard brawler in which he made a known name for himself in MIA. Icey has remained there as Slice’s promoter from the very start. IceyMike Imber was also, there clapping for the 6’2, 225 pound, Kimbo on his pro boxing launch in which he ended up triumphant. There’s no skepticism that IceyMike Imber & Kimbo are spectacular sidekicks that specifically provide to each others prosperity. Kimbo has been busy getting prepared for sometime as of lately and there’s loads in store for the brawler in the approaching future. With IceyMike Imber on his side, this is a duo to be tot up with. Not only are they friends that have determination but it’s with out a doubt that this duo are on the same frame of thought and have come up with the precise recipe for triumph.

For those of you who thought Kimbo Slice was going to loose to the younger, better trained- Brian Green, well, he sure showed you guys! And for all of you her were Team Kimbo all the way- “you know what’s up…” True Brian Green may be younger and may have more training than Slice but the fact of the matter is that training cannot defeat natural born talent which is what Kimbo Slice has. Mike Imber, his best friend, manager and promoter detected this from early on and hooked him up with training to get some technique, but he raw talent was already there and just had to be refined.

Kimbo Slice sure trained like a mad man before entering the ring with Brian Green, he knew he was not going to be a piece of cake opponent. But as he centered himself, became focused and determined when he entered that ring on his the heavy weight, boxing match he was more than determined to win. He had another agenda, which was promoting Autism Awareness through his success and he did it.

Mike Imber and Kimbo Slice donated to the Autism Society the boxing gloves he wore when he defeated Brian Green. They both also, donated an undisclosed sum of money for the cause. Kimbo Slice’s youngest son was diagnosed with this disorder that affects thousands of children every year which pushes him even more to go above and beyond to be successful and be able to give back to causes and charities that he cares for.


Mike Imber, also, well known as “Icey” and long time, school friend of street fighter now professional, heavy weight boxer: Kimbo Slice has been a very busy fellow as of lately. Not only is he diligently managing Kimbo’s career which includes an upcoming fight which will take place on February 11, 2012 in which Kimbo Slice, Mike Imber, Team Kimbo and his rad ass trainer: John David Jackson are working super hard on as they get prepared for this match. But if that alone was not enough, Kimbo Slice‘s big movie role debut, The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption will be released on DVD two days from today on January 12, 2012!

Fans of the killer, fighting machine are anticipating this release as the movie promises action packed fighting scenes and battles. The duo also, have taken upon themselves a very noble act of raising awareness on Autism, a disorder that affects at least one child out of 110. They hope to raise awareness to a younger demographic as well, as the Urban/Hip Hop Culture. Mike Imber is engaged in varies charities, but as of lately the awareness and fight against Autism is on the front line. Both parties are very enthusiastic about being advocates on this disorder that affects innocent children and their loved ones.

As you can see Mike Imber and Team Kimbo are swamped with upcoming events/appearances and giving back to the community with noble causes such as the Fight against Autism. Tune into Mike Imber- Kimbo Slice Blog for more updates as these guys take the world by storm!

The duo/sidekicks/dream team are in Miami. Mike Imber the manager of street fighter, now professional, heavy weight boxer: Kimbo Slice has found a top notch trainer for the fighter “Slice” in Miami, so the duo hasn’t strayed much from home where all the magic began with his first back yard-street fights which made him a house hold name through his popular YouTube videos.

I suppose, training in Miami is the best for Kimbo Slice and Mike Imber realizes this and has made all proper accommodations so that Kimbo Slice can train in Miami and he can stay as well, as he is his manager, friend and part of “Team Kimbo,” Slice’s support network. Kimbo is being trained by John David Jackson, one of the most respected trainers in the entire country. This man has been and seen every side in boxing and is now training Kimbo Slice here in Miami to do some major damage in his upcoming fight on February 11, 2012.

Mike Imber Architect?” Sure he is. Hasn’t he architected, Kimbo Slice‘s career to architectural perfection? I think it’s safe to say that he’s done an utterly magnificent job managing “Slice’s” career.  From back yard street fights that became viral on YouTube clips to MMA Fighting and now a promising career as a professional, heavy weight boxer with three in a roll victories. Don’t assume these are the cause of mere whims, these were carefully orchestrated moves and transitions that Kimbo Slice has gone through the careful guidance of Mike Imber Architect!

Kimbo Slice has even landed a few roles and appearances in films and TV. His latest and biggest movie role is in The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption in which he plays “Zulu Kondo-” A warrior of sorts. This movie that promises to be jam packed with loads of action pact scenes will be released on January 12, 2012 on DVD! So, are all these successes of Kimbo Slice’s a product of mere whim or Mike Imber Architect- exceptional managing skills?

Everyone who knows of Kimbo Slice knows of him as the street fighting hero now turned, heavy weight professional boxer all under the management of Mike Imber- his long time comrade. But what a lot of people don’t know is that Kimbo Slice also, has an acting streak, if you will? In fact, he’s landed in quite a few, small roles/appearances in films and TV. All these mile stones have been accomplished under the care and guidance of manager, Mike Imber.

Here’s a list of Films/TV where Kimbo Slice has made appearances:

  • -2010 Spring Broke
  • -2010 Locked Down
  • -2010 Circle Of Pain
  • -2009 Blood and Bone
  • -2008 Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh

And his latest and biggest movie role to date will be on The Scorpion King 3: Battle For Redemption, which will be released on DVD on January 17, 2012. Tune in for more news updates on Kimbo Slice’s endeavors!

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